13 Week MAP

Make 2019 your best year ever

This Quest is all about helping you to do more in 2019 than in any previous year.

If you are reading this it is because you want to achieve more in your business.

Maybe you are a business owner, a sales person or a sales director and want to get a significant boost in your business.

When you blend in our Quarterly seminars and the contents within the 13 Week MAP you have a guaranteed road MAP to success.

As you pass through each Mission and complete the tasks you will become more confident and more successful.

This is the ultimate learning portal and comes with a 1 2 1 coaching element.

Do a mission and have a question / comment you can ask it via the 1 2 1 coaching element and I will get right back to you.

Pound for pound this is probably the most valuable investment you can make for yourself and for your business.

You will be stunned how your life changes, how time starts to become your ally and how easily new business comes in.

You will do more in the first quarter of 2019 than you did in the entirety of 2018 and smash all your previous business records as we leave 2019.

This is an added value service to your business.

Gary has spent over 18 years helping people to create better futures for themselves.

In that time he has earned around £500,000 in that EXTRA repeating income. Sounds a lot but it is only £29,000 averaged per year.

Gary has now created a process that can be used by business owners or people who come into contact with residential home owners.

He firmly believes that you could earn the same level of EXTRA income within 5 years.

What could you do with an extra £500 / £1000 or more each month?

Pay off the mortgage years earlier?

Get rid of those debts with high interest rates?

Travel more?

Spend time with the family?

Or simply have a less stressful life?

For me it allowed me to leave the Police Service within 6 months of starting this income opportunity and then engage in one of my favourite pastimes - travelling!

During the last 5 years I have managed to complete 12 full Ironman triathlons and look forward to my next in New Zealand in March 2019.

Averaging 4 months of holiday and travel each year suits me perfectly.

This is a genuine British Plc opportunity for people who love a challenge and prepared to invest part time hours over a 3-5 year period.

The technologies available right now allow for rapid business connections and that creates the opportunity.

If you would like to earn a significant repeating income that grows exponentially Gary's plan may just work out for you.

Operating in a unique market place he has already helped tens of thousands of people to create better lives.

There actually is no rocket science to what he teaches. His simple processes when followed allow people to create more money in less time, with less activity and greater conversion ratios.

Quest Curriculum

  • 12 Levels
  • Coaching By Gary
  • Community Support
  • iOS & Android
  • Level 01

    The 13 Week Massive Action Plan

    Introduction, The mastery of time, Jammy doughnuts, Miracle morning, Compound Effect, Go for No and Eat that Frog. - 7 mind blowing missions to get the mindset right. This level shows students that if they think they are operating at a high level now then they will soon be scaling skyscrapers.

  • Level 02

    Identifying habits

    Introducing the Habit challenge, forming habits that serve rather than limit, introducing Activity, Admin and MyZones. Levels of competence and The need to focus

  • Level 03

    Goal getting phase

    Introduction to effective goal setting, the goal setting process, lifestyle sheets, 5 year, 1 year and 13 week goals. Business planning in the simple form and the introduction of the MAP tracker.

  • Level 04

    Sales process - start to success.

    This level introduces some amazing tips and techniques to increase sales drastically but with minimum effort. This is a guaranteed to work process that includes: Finding ideal clients with multiple methods , Lumpy letters and telephone calls, the sales process and referral buddies

  • Level 05

    Now we start the Massive Action Plan

    The ground work has been done. Now we activate. You have now improved your habits, you are more organised and you know where you are going. Introducing the need for a pipeline, two circles (this is a great way to keep on task) MAP tracker reminder, ratios reminder and more.

  • Level 06

    Become ACE and be a referral superstar

    How to say the important things in the right way. Let us not bore your prospects. Become a referral superstar, increase your referral buddies. How to deliver a highly effective presentation to your prospects. How to network properly and how to create a superb elevator pitch.

  • Level 07

    Improving your game

    Introducing the client matrix (how to easily get more business from existing clients), professional development. How to be effective during a 1 2 1. Another reminder of the power of the MAP tracker. How to be super productive when learning to discipline disappointments and the definition of Insanity

  • Level 08

    Boost messages

    This level brings home some great ways to stop procrastinating with 5,4,3,2,1. Old Duke, a review of the process, Yes another reminder of MAP tracker, Morning Boost, The pain of regret, and Check, check,check,check

  • Level 09

    Morning - the most important time

    In this level we run through the ways in which you can create that perfect morning routine. Showing top tips and techniques to ensure that every day is massively productive. Remember it is this focus that causes momentum. Live becomes easier with Goal Directed Action.

  • Level 10

    The wheel of life

    In this level we start to focus on ways in which you can improve your health, reduce stress and have more balance in your life. By now you will be enjoying a significant improvement in your results. You are so organised now that time is being freed to enjoy other aspects of your life

  • Level 11

    A repeat of some missions

    Repetition is the number one rule of all learning. In this level we offer a gentle reminder of what makes the biggest difference. By now you have formed great habits but some things may have slipped through the net.

  • Level 12

    The power of the Master mind

    There is nothing more powerful than the mastermind group. At this stage we are looking at you joining a mastermind group. In Napoleon Hill's Book Think and Grow Rich he identifies the benefit of a group of success orientated people getting together for the purpose if...thinking and growing rich.

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Success Stories

  • Gill Mallon

    13 Week MAP gave me the kick up the rear I needed

    "Being on the MAP has given me the tools and confidence I need to make my new business a success. As well as giving me the tools I need to succeed, it gives me support from my success buddy and daily accountability with the tracker - everyone should do this if they want their business and personal goals to succeed!Gill"

  • Martin Griffiths

    The 13 week MAP literally changed my life

    "I spent 14 years in the army and decided to start up my own business. I honestly did not know where to start and had never looked at self development. ! I met Gary who introduced me to the MAP. I cannot believe how much it has changed my thinking and my business. As a result of the quest, I have become super organised, more confident and my sales have increased considerably. I cannot recommend the 13-week MAP enough."

  • David Skinner

    The 13 week MAP has changed my business approach

    "As a result of following the Quest I have become super efficient in allotting time to my business both activity and admin, and also me time so I can deal with family matters that are so important. As a result of increased activity my confidence has grown and my business increased noticeably. I am speaking to people that would once have been on my chicken list, but no more. I would highly recommend this MAP to push you and your business to new exciting and lucrative heights"

  • Jon Davies

    MY MAP and the amazing results

    "The further I went into the plan, the more I got hooked.I have found my disorganised working patterns become focused on each task I set out to do. Since working on my MAP, I now plan my day so that I know what I want to achieve throughout it. As I have worked my way through the plan, I have found any negative thoughts are just evaporating and I am just concentrating on the key goals that I have set. I can highly recommend the 13 week Massive Action Plan to help people get the results they set."

  • Anna Brewin

    I like the direction and accountability

    "There are so many fabulous tips and techniques within the 13 Week MAP that it is actually hard to limit which I like best. I really like the community section and my journal. The latter is where Gary can "coach" you. As I completed each mission I felt a sense of greater confidencewithin myself and having set my goals felt empowered to work towards them. I highly recommend the MAP to people who like the idea of doing more in less time and feeling better with yourself. 10/10 from me."

  • Tim Calverley

    Wow this MAP definitely helps you find your way

    "For someone who has looked after businesses and seen things go well and not so well the 13 week MAP is definitely a tool I would recommend for every business owner.I thought I had good processes and planned well in my business. I did, but this has certainly helped focus me and I have become more organised than I thought I ever would. The process is so simple yet effective and easy to follow. I am already starting to see results that normally would have taken much longer to achieve."

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